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Gummerful's base

Season 5

In this season we had lots of new people. Since this season was live during the summer break there was a lot of progress going on. This is the first time we had a shopping district in the end. Lost of fun and messing arround!

Season 4 spawn

Season 4

Season 4 was a fast progressing season due to it being during the start of the pandemic. This season was marked by the abundance of bases and a complex nether highway system.

Season 3 spawn

Season 3

Season 3 was once again a normal world type, which was really needed after 4 months of playing on an amplyfied world. in season 3 players finally had all the space they could want for their big builds and as you can imagine big builds required a lot of resources. this is why season 3 had the most automated farms of all of the seasons since.

Season 2 spawn

Season 2

Season 2 was our most played season, mostly due to the fact that it offered a very unusual expierience of playing on a amplyfied world type, which gave the players many new ways to look at minecraft. For example no terrain looked the same anymore and there was little flat space which made making the decision of where you want to put your base even more important and encouraged more vertical building unless you prefered to mine your way trough all of the mountains instead.